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One of the success stories is the first school “adopted” by Vibeke Bang, Vada Kadambady, which now is considered one of the model schools in “Schools in India”.

Thanks to our hard work, Vada Kadambady has now been elected as “School of the year 2010” and has been upgraded to a Middle School. At Vada Kadambady we received sponsoring means for toilets, a surrounding wall, a theatre stage, a playground, and we have drilled for water. We have also contributed to a new building that came into use in March 2011. Our work and our means have substantially improved the school and has also resulted in a general change of attitude. What was originally a dirty a messy backyard at Vada Kadambady School has turned into a nice yard, because the teachers and the children have cleaned up and planted flowers on their own initiative – a clear sign of growing hope for a future free from poverty.

The local authorities appointed the school as “School of the year”, which recently resulted in it being upgraded to a Middle School receiving local government financing of a school building and more teachers. This implies that children can stay in their community even after the 5th grade raising the likelihood of them continuing school until they are 14 years old – something that the government strongly supports.


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