School fees

Many of “our children” at the above mentioned schools are so talented that the local schools do not sufficiently challenge their abilities. Some of these children therefore get a chance of acquiring new skills at private schools where they receive more qualified teaching. ”Schools in India” has supported some of these talented children paying their school fees in part. Our help has brought hope for escaping the conditions of poverty by good education.

However, the number of applications for school fees received by “Schools in India” has grown so drastically that we unfortunately can no longer meet the demand and had to change our strategy on this point. In order to meet the demand for better teaching and at the same time prevent the cost of teaching exploding, we are currently trying to make the schools improve the teaching quality in general. For this reason, we have established pilot-projects offering complementary evening tuition for children with learning disabilities. Also, we are contemplating hiring more teachers on the schools adopted by “Schools in India”. This can be achieved with far lower costs than it would take to meet the demand of those many applications for private school fees; and we can achieve results on a wider scale. Some of the children in our schools get so competent that they are able to get a higher education – e.g. at college.

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