På foreningens stiftende generalforsamling, den 09. juni 2010, som blev afholdt i Havnegade 23 i Vejle blev følgende vedtægter vedtaget.


1.1 The name of the Society is “Skoler i Indien” – its home address is Vejle Kommune.


2.1 “Skoler i Indien” is a non-profit amity-project with the purpose of financially helping schools, teachers, teacher-training and school children in Mahabalipuram and the surrounding villages.

2.2 The Society shall at all times remain a non profit project with the purpose of helping fellow human beings in Mahabalipuram and surrounding country help themselves.

2.3 The project “Skoler i Indien” is based upon empowerment and is a direct private initiative between people in Denmark and India with as low as possible administrative costs. Subscription fees are earmarked for improvements in schools, training of teachers, school fees for children from poor families.

2.4 The Society compensates travel expenses to the extent necessary and financially possible, and the expenses have to be directly related to existing or new projects. Applications for compensation of travel expenses are to be presented to the board and have to be passed by the board.

3.1 Members are accepted amongst all who wish to participate. §2

3.2 Yearly subscription fee is decided on by the individual member, but must amount to a least 100 Danish Crowns per month.

3.3 Subscription fees are to be paid for a year from registration and voluntarily for subsequent years, paid quarterly, half-yearly or yearly in advance. If a member is more than three months late with payments, the member is automatically excluded.


4.1 The Society is managed by a board consisting of a chairman of the board, deputy chairman, secretary, and auditor.

4.2 The board can be re-elected.

4.3 The board shall keep the minutes of all decisions.


5.1 The General Assembly is the highest authority concerning all of the Society's matters. The yearly Ordinary General Assembly is held every year in April. Summons must take place with a month’s notice. Motions for the Ordinary General Assembly must be at the disposal of the board at the latest two weeks before the Ordinary General Assembly.
The agenda of the Ordinary General Assembly must include: Election of the chairman, Report of the board, Presenting of accounts, Future projects, Budget and setting of subscription fees, Reading of received motions, Election of the board.

§ 6
6.1 Extraordinary General Assembly can be summoned at any time by the board by simple majority and with a month’s notice and must be called when at least 1/3 of the voting members demand so in writing. I the latter case, the Extraordinary General Assembly must be held at the latest two month after the demand has been made.

§ 7
7.1 Changes of the rules can be made on an Ordinary General Assembly or an Extraordinary General Assembly.

7.2 Dissolving of the Society can only happen on an Extraordinary General Assembly if at least ¾ of the voting members are present and at least ¾ of the members present vote for. The funds of the Society will in case of dissolution be passed on to Vada Kadambady School.

Skoler i Indien
Havnegade 23,
DK-7100 Vejle
Tel. +45 4077 6898
CVR. Nr. 32950531

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